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Rockin’ Out with Slayer Gear: How We Made Some Epic Stuff

by Mafe Pineda 14 Dec 2023

Hey everyone! So, I've got a cool story to share about how we ended up creating some seriously awesome Slayer merch. Yep, I’m talking about our epic Slayer Iron Cross Necklace and that wicked Slayer Belt Buckle. 🎸🔥

The Beginnings of a Metal Dream

The Slayer Belt Buckle

We had this rad idea: why not create some gear that's not just awesome for Slayer fans but also really nails what the band stands for? That tough, never-say-die attitude, you know? We're massive Slayer buffs too, and we wanted to craft something that's way more than just cool to wear. We aimed for designs that shout out rebellion and really honor Slayer's legendary vibe. Like, it's all about celebrating their legacy in a way that's as hardcore as the music itself! 


The Necklace That’s More Than Just Bling

Slayer Iron Cross Necklace

Alright, let's talk about the first piece we rolled out: the Slayer Iron Cross Necklace. This thing is no ordinary necklace, folks – it's practically a slice of rock history you get to wear. We tinkered with the design till it was spot-on. The pendant’s pretty hefty (about 4.9*4.9cm), and you've got choices between bronze and silver - so it's all about your style. It’s crafted from this sturdy metal zinc alloy, which gives it a genuine, heavy metal vibe. Plus, with a 50cm chain and a little extra for good measure, it’s made to fit just about any Slayer fan out there. So, you’re not just sporting a cool necklace; you’re carrying a bit of metal legend around your neck

Buckle Up with Slayer Style

Slayer Belt Buckle

Then we had this lightbulb moment: "Why just stick to a necklace?" That's when we came up with the rad Slayer Belt Buckle. Inspired by Slayer's iconic eagle motif, and let me tell you, it turned out super cool. You've got options in steel or gold, and whichever you pick, this buckle is way more than just a fashion accessory – it's a bold statement. Sporting Slayer's name right in the middle, it's like a nod to the band's intense, no-holds-barred music. It’s not just about holding up your pants; it’s about showing off your hardcore love for Slayer in a way that's as in-your-face as their tunes.

This Ain’t Your Regular Merch

Slayer Belt Buckle and Slayer Iron Cross Necklace

So, what we've got here is way more than just regular band merch. It's like a piece of Slayer's legacy that you can carry around with you. Rocking it at a concert or just chilling, these pieces aren't just cool to have; they're a shout-out to being part of the epic metal community. It's not just about repping a band; it's about showing you're part of this massive, headbanging family. It's our way of keeping the spirit of metal alive and kicking, wherever you are.


Join the Club

If you’re all about Slayer like we are, you’ve gotta check these out. Whether it’s the bold Slayer Iron Cross Necklace or the iconic Slayer Belt Buckle, these aren’t just accessories. They’re a way to show off your love for one of the greatest metal bands ever.


Ready to Rock?

So, what do you say? Ready to rock some Slayer gear and show the world your metal spirit? Dive into our Slayer collection and find the perfect piece to show off your badass style and love for Slayer.

Remember, being a metal fan is like being part of a big, loud family. And with these pieces, you’re not just wearing something cool; you’re keeping the music and the spirit alive. Rock on, friends! 🤘🖤



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