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Movie-Inspired Goth/Punk Styles We Love (And You Will Too!)

by Mafe Pineda 30 Nov 2023

Caught yourself daydreaming about rocking those bold styles from your favorite films? We're diving into the coolest goth and punk vibes straight out of movie classics. Picture this: you, strutting your stuff, looking like you just stepped off a movie set. Morbid Rags is here to make that happen, offering all the rad gear to transform your wardrobe into a cinematic fashion statement.

1.The Crow - Eric Draven’s Vibe:

Photo Courtersy of Dimension Films

"Remember 'The Crow'?" That film is like the holy grail of goth style. Eric Draven's look, dripping in leather and mystery, is the kind of style that turns heads. And it’s not just about looking cool; it’s about that deep, intriguing vibe. Morbid Rags has these insane leather bracelets and skull-themed pieces that are perfect for capturing Draven's iconic look. Perfect for those nights when you wanna go full-on goth or just add a hint of darkness to your daily outfit.

2. Edward Scissorhands - Quirky Goth:

Photo Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

If you’re all about that Tim Burton gothic charm, "Edward Scissorhands" is your style inspo. The mix of haunting innocence with those badass leather straps is just epic. Morbid Rags gets this vibe spot-on with their  lanyards and chains. They're like the perfect blend of edgy and whimsical – great for anyone who loves their style with a story.

3. Tank Girl - Punk Rock Spirit:

Still from Tank Girl (1995)

Tank Girl is the poster girl for punk rock madness. Her style screams, ‘I do what I want,’ and we're here for it. Morbid Rags has captured this essence with their collection of in-your-face rings and necklace. Think of it as your punk rock starter kit – ideal for days when you want your style to shout your personality.

4. The Craft - Spellbinding Witchy Style:

Photo Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

For those who love their goth with a side of mystique, "The Craft" is where it’s at. The film blends dark, powerful fashion with a touch of the supernatural. Check out Morbid Rags’ best-sellers – it’s like they were made for adding that witchy flair to any outfit. Perfect for when you’re feeling a bit magical.

5. Lisbeth Salander - Modern Minimalist Goth:

Photo Courtesy of Sony/Columbia Pictures

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" gives us Lisbeth Salander, the queen of modern goth. Her style is all about making a statement without overdoing it. Morbid Rags’ minimalist goth collection is spot-on for nailing that Lisbeth vibe. Sleek, subtle, and undeniably gothic, these pieces add just the right amount of edge.

6. Sid and Nancy - Punk’s It Couple:

Still Sid and Nancy Photo Courtesy of Sony/Columbia Pictures

Let’s talk about "Sid and Nancy," the ultimate punk fashion icons. Their look is raw, authentic, and screams punk from every angle. Morbid Rags has the perfect punk chains and bracelets to help you channel their unapologetically bold style. It’s the ideal way to pay tribute to punk’s most iconic couple.


So, there’s your rundown of the most badass goth and punk styles from the movies. And guess what? Morbid Rags has everything you need to bring these looks into your life. Ready to up your style game?

Feelin’ inspired? Swing by Morbid Rags and get your hands on some epic gear. Let's make your style as legendary as these movie icons!



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