Kendric Coffin Ring

Size: 12

 Kendric Coffin Ring

Embrace the dark allure of the Kendric Coffin Ring. Crafted from resilient Stainless Steel, this captivating accessory embodies a sense of mystery and rebellion. Its coffin design whispers tales of the night, capturing the essence of individuality. With its striking presence and unique charm, this ring stands as a symbol of daring self-expression. Let your style defy expectations and embrace the shadows with the Kendric Coffin Ring. Unveil your true identity, step into the unknown, and ignite the flame within. Dare to be different and leave a lasting impression.


  • Ring Design: Coffin Style
  • Materials: Stainless Steel


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Step 1)
Use yarn, string, or paper. Wrap it around the desired finger. Cut so ends touch.
Step 2)
Measure the length of string against a ruler to obtain the length in millimeters. Use this online ruler if you don't have one: RULER
Step 3)
Look for the corresponding ring size to the millimeters in the chart below.
Ring Size Chart


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Kendric Coffin Ring Front - Morbid Rags

Kendric Coffin Ring

$0.00 $19.99

Kendric Coffin Ring

$0.00 $19.99
Size: 12

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